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It's Tue nice out tue spend your Tuesday anywhere else! Free pool It's Monday. Do you really want to make that same dinner you've had every Monday in recent memory? You don't. Don't be stuck without NYE plans again!

How To Get Laid On New Years

See which guest said she hopes "the Republican party dies" in The duo took the reigns for their second year in a row hosting the evening's festivities, after Cohen replaced Kathy Griffin when she was fired over the now-infamous Donald Trump photo in The show was trending all night, thanks to Andy's antics and a few of their special guests.

Among the many stars paraded out during the telecast: Talk about random! Andy Cohen announced earlier this year that he's going to become a father via surrogate in and, last night, the host revealed the gender of his baby-to-be. You know, when I was growing up, I just never thought it would be possible as a gay man to grow up and have a family and then here we are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban also talked to the two from Nashville, where she gave Andy some sweet advice for being a father.

It was a wet night in NYC and Cohen threw a fit on air when he was told by the Times Square Alliance that he could no longer hold an umbrella while filming. After fighting with the Alliance off-camera for over an hour, Cohen called them out during the show. He said they then threatened to pull CNN's credentials for next year. Through the night, the two hosts took shots at the top of every hour -- and Anderson's reaction face each time was just pure gold.

And it didn't get any easier for him as the night went on. Anderson Cooper talks about his mom's sex life, says she "hooked up with" Marlon Brando: During an interview with Faye Dunaway, Cooper took it upon himself to spill some old Hollywood gossip. Faye looked shocked as he continued, saying it was around the "On the Waterfront" years. It was a 'one night date. CNN guest Jane Curtin: Throughout the night, the hosts showed prerecorded videos of celebrities giving their New Year's resolutions but none were as instantly meme-able as Jane Curtin's.

Bill did say Cock! Love AC2 on New Years! Never know what is going to happen! He tried to recover, but Andy and Anderson definitely heard his mixup. Their reaction faces say it all! Anderson Cooper ended the night by reflecting on the LGBT community and what he saw as major progress going into If you stop and think about it, for generations, gay and lesbian and transgender people lived in the shadows in this country and around the world," he said.

He also spoke to those watching at home who might be struggling or going through a hard time, telling them, "We're there and we see you, and let's hope the new year brings better things, and you're not alone. View Photos. Here are 7 more moments that had everyone talking! It's a Boy! Her resolution: Hot Videos. Hot Photos. Canceled or Renewed? The Fate of 'Empire' Revealed at Fox.

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"A huge part of New Year's Eve celebrations is the midnight kiss, and have hooked up in public on the first night of the year, according to a. According to the survey, 43 percent of people admitted to having hooked up in public on New Year's Eve, which makes sense. If the clock.

See which guest said she hopes "the Republican party dies" in The duo took the reigns for their second year in a row hosting the evening's festivities, after Cohen replaced Kathy Griffin when she was fired over the now-infamous Donald Trump photo in The show was trending all night, thanks to Andy's antics and a few of their special guests. Among the many stars paraded out during the telecast: Talk about random!

According to a recent survey of more than 84, people conducted by TouchTunes Corp.

Of course, parties, alcohol, and the holidays make it a great night to take someone home. This is your chance to meet them. If everyone around me is laughing and having a great time and hanging on my every word, I have social proof.


Skip navigation! New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate the past year's triumphs and decide what you want the next year to be. It's also a time to make out with a crush, partner, stranger, or the closest pair of lips when the ball drops. But if the lip lock goes from perfunctory midnight tradition to first full-on hookup of , where should you go to escape the rest of the New Year's Eve revelers? According to Miss Travel , you head straight to the nearest bathroom. The travel-centric dating site surveyed over 50, of its users to find out the top spots for New Year's Eve hookups and found that people on the site don't seem to be too concerned with ambiance.

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I love a good party and the symbolism of a new year and clean slate. It just winds up being more stress than fun if you let the chaos of the expectations get to your head. So, try not to. Another thing that gets built up a lot? Got it? That sounds like fun. You know my rule, girl. Of course, one night stands are fine if all you want are one night stands.

Complete history of the stroke of.

Other times, not so much. Excuse 1: Cash money broke?

The 7 Most Common Places For New Year's Eve Hookups

In that celebration, there will probably be some single girls, too The key to getting the girl on NYE is to not jump the gun by expecting a big payoff before you get there. You have to keep your expectations subdued and simply go along with whatever the night has to offer. Most of the time you just have to go with what the night is actually giving you rather than what you want it to give you. Advantages on NYE do exist, but you need to be precise about what they are and take advantage of them without taking them too far, which is actually kind of a difficult tightrope walk. High spirited environment; just ripe for influencing group behaviour. Be a center of gravity that enhances the experience of the party in some way. I, for example, will allow girls to show off and make the best of what they are going for that night by asking them what they are hoping for, and I will then do the same for others and create an atmosphere where things can happen if possible. But at the same time, I respect the spanner that will get tossed into this plan; girls get tired quicker on NYE, they lose things, and their friends go missing. In order to stop that and ensure that girls will by default end up alone with you at some point in the night, you just need to set up a moment alone nice and early that has plausible deniability , then take her away again just before all her friends light up her phone. You can let the party do a lot of the work, but you just need to get it working before the cockblocks arrive. The idea is to create an illusion of passed time, or space, so that isolation attempts to get you and her alone together seem off the cuff, natural, and timely.

Excruciating Moment Woman Rejects Man’s Awkward New Year’s Eve Kiss

Bear with us here. And yet, this dead zone between two holidays—which we'll dare call Sexmas—might just be the most appropriate time to enjoy a casual hookup. This goes without saying, but coldness is conducive to hooking up—out of sheer necessity. And the World Series. And the Super Bowl. You need an excuse to get away from your family for a while. And so does everyone else.

Being single on New Year's Eve can be an emotional rollercoaster. When midnight strikes, you mind find yourself wishing you had someone to kiss—or go even further with. Thankfully, according to new data, there are plenty of people in your same boat, so finding some fireworks on the big night might be something worth trying. Trojan Condoms recently conducted a survey on getting busy on the last day of the year, asking 1, sexually active singles or people who weren't in exclusive relationships about their plans for New Year's Eve. According to the study, 62 percent of the respondents 70 percent of the men and 55 percent of the women said they thought they had a good chance of having casual sex on the big night.

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In public. If is supposed to give us clean slate with which to work, we might as well go out on a high note. It is pretty hot. Once you get over the lack of cleanliness, a public restroom is pretty much the ideal spot. But for the 35 percent of those surveyed, that's the hookup spot of choice.

In fact, it tends to result in people shelling out too much cash for sub par experiences. With each New Year, I stockpiled new information. We were still waiting in that line when the countdown to January 1 took place. Several minutes later, we finally made it into the warehouse. As for Moby, yeah, I like his music.

New Year's Eve (Web Exclusive): Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
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