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Art and Soul of the South. Downtown Vicksburg. Mississippi Monday -- Saturday. Jewelry Designer. Order of Jewelry Articles. Jewelry Style Periods newest entry. Prominent Costume Jewelry Makers. How to Care for Rhinestone Jewelry. Jewelry Style Periods. Jewelry has been a part of every culture throughout time. It is often reflective of the times, as well as social and aesthetic movements, with each piece telling its own story through hidden clues, that, when interpreted, will help solve the mysteries surrounding them.

Jewelry is generally divided into periods and styles. Each period may have several styles, with some of the same jewelry being made in both precious and non-precious materials. Additionally, there are recurring style revivals, which are interpretations of an earlier period. For example, the Egyptian Revival that took place in the early and late s and then again in the s. Georgian, Fine jewelry from this period is quite desirable, but few good-quality pieces have found their way to auction in recent years.

Sadly, much jewelry from this period has been lost. Victorian, Queen Victoria of England ascended the throne in and remained queen until her death in The Victorian period is a long and prolific one; abundant with many styles of jewelry. It warrants being divided into three sub-periods: Early or Romantic period dating from ; Mid or Grand period dating from ; and Late or Aesthetic period dating from The materials of the time were also abundant and varied.

They included silver, gold, diamonds, onyx, glass, cameo, paste, carnelian, agate, coral, amber, garnet, emeralds, opals, pearls, peridot, rubies, sapphires, marcasites, cut steel, enameling, tortoise shell, topaz, turquoise, bog oak, ivory, jet, hair, gutta percha and vulcanite. Sentiments of love were often expressed in miniatures.

Sometimes they were representative of deceased loved ones, but often the miniatures were of the living. Occasionally, the miniatures depicted landscapes, cherubs or religious themes. Hair jewelry was a popular expression of love and sentiments. The hair of a loved one was placed in a special compartment in a brooch or a locket, or used to form a picture under a glass compartment. Later in the midth century, pieces of jewelry were made completely of woven hair.

Individual strands of hair would be woven together to create necklaces, watch chains, brooches, earrings and rings. The queen went into mourning for the rest of her life, and Victoria required that the royal court wear black. This atmosphere spread to the populace and created a demand for mourning jewelry.

Mourning jewelry is typically black. When it first came into fashion, it was made from jet, or fossilized wood. By , there were dozens of English workshops making jet brooches, lockets, bracelets and necklaces. As the supply of jet dwindled, other materials were used such as vulcanite, gutta percha, bog oak and French jet. By the s, the somber mourning jewelry was losing popularity. Fashions had changed and the clothing was simpler and had an air of delicacy.

The Industrial Revolution, which had begun in the early part of the century, was now in full swing and machine-manufactured jewelry was affordable to the working class. Edwardian, Though he ascended the throne in , he and his wife, Alexandria of Denmark, exerted influence over the period before and after his ascension. The s were known for ostentation and extravagance. The s was known as La Belle Epoque. This was a time known for ostentation and extravagance.

As the years passed, jewelry became simpler and smaller. Instead of wearing one large brooch, women often wore several small lapel pins. In the early s, platinum, diamonds and pearls were prevalent in the jewelry of the wealthy, while paste was being used by the masses to imitate the real thing. The styles were reminiscent of the neo-classical and rococo motifs.

The jewelry was lacy and ornate, feminine and delicate. There was a simplification of form where the material was secondary to the design. Guilds of artisans banded together. Some jewelry was mass-produced, but the most highly prized examples of this period are handmade and signed by their makers. The pieces were simple, and at times abstract. They could be hammered, patinated, and acid etched. Common materials were brass, bronze, copper, silver, blister pearls, freshwater pearls, turquoise, agate, opals, moonstones, coral, horn, ivory, base metals, amber, cabochon-cut garnets and amethysts.

Art Nouveau, Art Nouveau designs in the jewelry were characterized by a sensuality that took on the forms of the female figure, butterflies, dragonflies, peacocks, snakes, wasps, swans, bats, orchids, irises and other exotic flowers. The lines used whiplash curves to create a feeling of lushness and opulence. Costume jewelry began its steady ascent to popularity in the s.

Since it was relatively inexpensive to produce, there was mass production. The sizes and designs of the jewelry varied. Often, it was worn a few times, disposed of and then replaced, a cheap throwaway to dress up an outfit. During the s, fashions were often accompanied by jewelry that drew on the Art Deco movement. The idea behind this movement was that form follows function. The style was characterized by simple, straight, clean lines, stylized motifs and geometric shapes.

Favored materials included chrome, rhodium, pot metal, glass, rhinestones, Bakelite and celluloid. One designer who played an important role was Coco Chanel. Though previously reserved for evening wear, Chanel wore elaborate jewelry during the day, making it fashionable for millions of other women to do so, too. Perhaps in response to the gloom, designers began using enameling and brightly colored rhinestones to create whimsical birds, flowers, circus animals, bows, dogs and just about every other figural form imaginable.

Retro Modern, Other jewelry designs of the s were big and bold. Retro Modern had a more substantial feel to it and designers began using larger stones to enhance the dramatic pieces. The jewelry was stylized and exaggerated. Common motifs included flowing scrolls, bows, ribbons, birds, animals, snakes, flowers and knots. Sterling silver now became the metal of choice, often dipped in a gold wash known as vermeil.

Post-War Modern, This was a movement that emphasized the artistic approach to jewelry making. It is also referred to as Mid-Century Modern. This approach was occurring at a time when the Beat Generation was prevalent. The materials often used were sterling, gold, copper, brass, enamel, cabochons, wood quartz and amber. The s saw the rise of jewelry that was made purely of rhinestones; necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pins.

The focus of the early s was on clean lines; pillbox hats and A-line dresses with short jackets were a mainstay for the conservative woman. The large, bold rhinestone pieces were no longer the must-have accessory. They were now replaced with smaller, more delicate gold-tone metal and faux pearls with only a hint of rhinestones. At the other end of the spectrum was psychedelic-colored clothing. Nehru jackets, thigh-high miniskirts and go-go boots. These clothes were accessorized with beads, large metal pendants and occasionally big, bold rhinestones.

Ethnic clothing, tie dye, long skirts, fringe and jeans were the prevalent style and the rhinestone had, for the most part, been left behind. Mexican Silver, Mexican silversmiths first made jewelry for tourists. The jewelry had pre-Hispanic and traditional Mexican motifs as well as some abstract modern designs. Artisans used silver, a combination of silver with brass or copper, alpaca, amethysts, malachite, obsidian, tiger eye, turquoise, abalone, ebony, rosewood and enameling to create their original designs.

While hundreds of artists set up their shops in the town of Taxco, Mexico, in the 30s and 40s creating a silversmith guild, there are only a relatively small number of well-known artisans who gained their reputation for their designs and craftsmanship. Cleaning Jewelry. Reprinted from "Care and Repair of Everyday Treasures". Antique jewelry is made from a wide variety of materials, two or more often being combined in the same piece.

Dec 5, DATING BOUCHER JEWELRY. Dating Boucher can seem easy since most items have inventory numbers on them. But this isn't foolproof. Shop for-and learn about-Vintage Boucher Jewelry. Born in Paris, Marcel Boucher worked as a jewelry designer for Cartier, who brought him to the United.. .

He was a prolific designer of costume jewelry and his names signify quality materials and craftsmanship. There is great information on the Internet about Marcel Boucher, including short biographies. Marcel Boucher was born in Paris, France in His father died when he was very young and raised by a single mother, who made her living as a seamstress. When the War ended, Boucher went to work for Cartier.

March 6, Marcel Boucher: I was going through some of my books on vintage costume jewerly today and I thought everyone might like some information on one of the most highly sought after designer even today

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Marcel Boucher Jewelry

Subscribe to RSS Feed. Marcel Boucher designed jewelry for Mazer Bros. He established his own company, Marcel Boucher and Cie Company, in The company became a subsidiary of Dovorn Industries, a watch manufacterer, in Marcel Boucher died in

Boucher Jewelry

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Sandra joins the Boucher firm. It was in that Sandra received an unexpected letter form her future husband, the distinguished costume jeweler Marcel Boucher, inviting her to an interview as his assistant. At the time she was working as a fine jewelry designer for Harry Winston in New York. She already knew of Marcel, who was acclaimed in jewelry circles for his creativity and craftsmanship, and she remembers it caused quite a stir when a rich client brought in a Boucher costume brooch and asked Harry Winston to copy it in precious stones.

Vintage Boucher Jewelry

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Marcel Boucher

Looking for dramatic design? How about quality construction and materials? Marcel Boucher is one of my favorite jewelry designers. He came to the United States from Paris to work with Cartier making fine jewelry in around He left Cartier to work with the Mazer Brothers and then in opened his own business. Boucher jewelry often has layered 3-D construction with intricate patterns and designs.

Marcel Boucher — was a French jeweller. In the early s, he moved to New York City , where he developed a passion for jewellery design , studying under Pierre Cartier as an apprentice. However, in he decided to establish his own company, which he called Marcel Boucher and Cie. Jewelry by Boucher is almost always signed meaning a marking signifying authenticity was put on the piece and has an inventory number on it somewhere. His pins were often made to look 3D , sometimes with several layers [ citation needed ].

Art and Soul of the South. Downtown Vicksburg. Mississippi Monday -- Saturday. Jewelry Designer.

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