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That is worrying from a societal view point. One of the reasons for this could be a disconnect between the IT department and the employees within the business. While the IT department is searching for new ways to make the business digital ready, Kaplan worries whether right steps are being made and even if the department has a complete understanding of the business. A good example of this is the growing mobility trend in the UK.

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Over the last two years, with mergers, the investment per operator has been going up but not prices. How long will these two parameters stay that course, though, is debatable. Reliance Communications, the original disruptor dating back to , has finally filed for bankruptcy. Market leaders Vodafone Idea Ltd and Bharti Airtel Ltd, after merging their towers businesses, are now preparing to combine their fibre assets in an effort to conserve their energies and their finances.

Both companies are bleeding: Adding to the woes of existing service providers is the emerging challenge from non-telecom competitors. After WhatsApp and Skype crashed their party for individual customer services, now companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook are offering advanced enterprise communications solutions. Nor is the present wave of consolidation done yet.

Soon enough, the coupling of direct competitors will give way to mergers and acquisitions of companies that can help incumbents expand its service offerings. The consolidation process follows the pattern seen in other markets where fragmentation had a severe impact on the financial health of companies. Following a recent wave of mergers in Europe, most major markets, including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Ireland and Denmark, now have either three or four competitors.

The behaviour is atypical. In a study titled, Evaluating Market Consolidation In Mobile Communications , researchers Christos Genakos, Tommaso Valletti and Frank Verboven looked at the experience of 33 countries between and , and found that increased market concentration in the mobile industry potentially generates an important trade-off. While a merger increases prices, investment per operator also goes up. In India, over the last two years, the latter has been in clear evidence though prices have gone in the opposite direction.

How long they will stay that course, though, is debatable. If the market becomes even more consolidated between the top two players, the customer could find her party finally ending. The entry of a new competitor in a mature industry is often to the advantage of customers and, indeed, the price and data war triggered by Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd achieved just that.

But with the steady erosion in profitability and revenue, under-pressure incumbents are now beginning to pull back. For starters, the earlier bonanza of lifetime free plans is over. Internet Not Available. Wait for it… Log in to our website to save your bookmarks. It'll just take a moment. Yes, Continue. Your session has expired, please login again.

dating firm Easy Date has appointed former Vodafone marketer Ron with organisations looking to run their own dating services using Easy. As one of the longest running services in the game – and one of the pioneers of free online dating – OkCupid's seen the industry go from.

So, how's your text life? Apparently, scoring a date among Melbourne's so-called urban text tribe is, well, as easy as SMS short message service. As long as you're text on legs, that is SMS-enabled, all it takes is an energetic thumb.

Over the last two years, with mergers, the investment per operator has been going up but not prices. How long will these two parameters stay that course, though, is debatable.

The move comes amid fears Britain is a target of hardcore pornography companies supplying adult material for mobiles. From today subscribers to Vodafone will be unable to view any rated material on internet-enabled handsets - unless they can prove their age and "opt-in". Services that will be blocked include chat and dating services, erotic sites, gambling and betting sites and violent games.

Vodafone to control adult services

The My Vodafone app puts control in your hands. Keep track of your account with a view of your remaining calls, texts and data balance as well as a view of your usage history. Pay as you go customers can check their credit, purchase add ons and manage their top up offer all in one place. While Billpay customers can check their previous bills, monitor their current bill cost and purchase add ons all in just a few taps. Downloading any app from the Internet will use a small amount of data from your bundle but once this is completed you can use it for free on the Vodafone network.

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India's futile attempt to go cashless is a reality check for our dream epayments future. Cellular service provider Vodafone is now allowing M-Pesa users to encash their digital wallet balance into physical cash at about , touch points across India. It is also slightly contrary to what the Government of India has been actively proposing: But Vodafone is wisely pushing M-Pesa adoption by making it available to non-Vodafone customers too.


Edmonds will work alongside co-founders Simon Narracott and Fiona Maclean, and will be responsible for helping to expand the business further by developing commercial partnerships with organisations looking to run their own dating services using Easy Date. Easy Date already operates a number of these white label services, including one for www. Edmonds began his career working in sales and marketing positions in the FMCG industry, including a spell at food giant Mars, before moving into telecoms. Here he initially worked as head of consumer sales at One2One before joining Vodafone as sales and marketing director for its Vodacall service provider. Edmonds then established a joint venture mobile telecoms business between European Telecom and NatWest, while most recently, he was commercial director for two early stage businesses in telecoms and online information services. My role will be key to achieving aggressive growth throughout , continuing the success of Date the UK, Easy Date's first project, which was launched in October and has already attracted more than , registered members," Edmonds said. Easy Date is also developing a niche market strategy, creating sites for discrete online communities. One such example is adult site, www. Other market specific sites, including those for mature, gay and possibly teenage audiences. If you have an opinion on this or any other issue raised on Brand Republic, join the debate in the Forum here.

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Vodafone was rated the worst network in the country in the Which? Natalie Hitchins, Which? Vodafone said: If you've signed a contract of say 18 months or two years, the chances of being able to leave early without paying a hefty sum are slim - even if the service you've been getting is rubbish. However, there is some wriggle room.

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Mobile phone users under the age of 18 should not be able to access adult services from early next year, the State's biggest mobile company said yesterday. Vodafone Ireland said it would implement an age verification and access control mechanism that would prevent young people from viewing pornographic, gambling, chat and dating services. A Vodafone Ireland spokeswoman said the company had set up a group to map out a content control project and the system should be in place early next year. A similar system was introduced by Vodafone's sister firm in Britain yesterday, which will require any users over the age of 18 to register for adult services. Anyone wishing to register for adult services will have to provide proof to the mobile phone operator that they are over Vodafone UK is the first British mobile phone operator to launch a content control system, which works by filtering and barring adult content from users.

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Customer Service I was impressed by the friendly and efficient customer support at Levy Junction and they patiently answered all my questions. One man said he has done it 4 times and he got so upset he has already thrown away his MTN sim card. ZICTA have now come into the picture. Internet Speed I tested the speed of their connection and it is pretty good. Any YouTube video I tested played immediately to the end without any and without any interruption this included HD videos. I did an online speed test using wimi. Compare this with MTN who were previously the fastest of the cellphone companies on which I have gotten maximum speeds of 7MBs. Airtel and the useless Zamtel in my experience have never been above 5Mbs, and this is at night.

Vodafone to control adult services

Mobile number. Premium calls and text messages may be used, amongst others, for competitions, content subscriptions, chat and dating services, psychic and astrology services and information services. Before using a premium service, always check the costs associated with making a call or sending a text message. The cost of making a premium call or sending a premium text message may not be included with your Vodafone plan. Premium Service calls and text messages or PSMS are to purchase content or services such as ringtones, games, competitions, games and charity donations. Even though the charges appear on your Vodafone bill, the content or service is not provided directly by Vodafone.


Vodafone will be able to provide its UK customers with quick and easy access to DatingDirect. Consumers will be able to access the dating service through the Vodafone mobile internet service and experience all the same functionality as the website. They will be able to browse images and profiles, and manage their own content including uploading photographs and adding new text. Members will also receive alerts to notify them when another member has visited their profile, following which they can choose to reply by email or chat live with other members using their mobile phone. Alistair Shrimpton, newly appointed managing director of DatingDirect. The campaign, created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, showed how Vodafone's mobile internet service gives consumers the time to make the most of their busy lives. Stay signed in.

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