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The caring folks at the Make-a-Shidduch Foundation a shidduch is a match between potential marriage partners, the unfortunate sound of the word notwithstanding have a new project that could help you find your soul mate, particularly if he or she lives too far away to travel for a blind date. One problem? As commenter A. Nuran on the site Frum Satire points out: Video shidduch dating throws that all out the window.

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I tried to hook up two guys once but luckily, like most men, they had to have so much information before even agreeing to a date that the shidduch never happened. I think the shidduch crisis extends to gays and lesbians too. I have wondered if it would be better to find gays and lesbians a frum shidduch or let them risk it out there in the gay world at large. Luckily for me, someone has just opened the first gay shidduch dating website, taking gay shidduchim worries out of my hands.

Press release: Orthodox Judaism prohibits homosexuality and those who are gay in the Orthodox world are often forced to hide their orientation to maintain their religious lifestyle. In addition to personal ads, the site includes discussion forums and will eventually include posted teachings on the Torah from a gay perspective as created by members. According to Mr.

The first thing that should be put there is what the Torah actually says: It is an abomination. Funny, yet quite sad. This has to be some kind of joke… Gay shidduch? I could actually imagine a matzav for Queer Meshicist Theology, what with there being no zchus and chiuv when Moshiach comes, all over all our faces, bimhaira biyameinu oohmein! Where Zchus and Chiuv are denied existence in yimei moshiach.

How could a Meshicist or a religious zionist, for that matter hold that anything was assur per se or that we were chayuv in any mitzvos as such? Your post on negiah was nice and frum, but how do you think Hashem likes it if you facilitate illicit acts by directing the conflicted to an inappropriate site?

I really feel bad for their situation, but this is kind of enabling. Will folks really sign up, I dont know. A site like this could be used to help gay men find lesbian women for shidduchim. That totally sounds like the happiest marriage ever. Heshy is cool, some of his followers are really homophobic, yes you can be religious and gay. Why not have a shidduch site for frum gay Jews? They will meet up with other gay people anyway or leave Orthodoxy altogether anyway.

This Orthodox gay dating website is one promotion away from encouraging same sex marriages. Good luck finding an Orthodox Rabbi that will gladly officiate that sort of wedding. After all, if heteros can date to find love and finalize their relationship with marriage, why should homos miss out on this? Now it would be one thing if this website encouraged gays to date lesbians but this is doing nothing more than legitimizing homosexuality.

Does this render such followers homophobic? Because it explicitly warns about the consequences of engaging in homosexual behavior and activities. And you know what else? Sages also thought a woman could not conceive while being on top. The fact is, in ancient times, people had a more limited understanding of the world and humans. You mention legitimizing homosexuality. Thanks to science, we know now that the brains of male gays are wired more like female straights and female gays are wired like male straights.

Homosexuality is common in the animal kingdom. Can anyone here acknowledge that homosexuality can also be a socialized issue when the sexes are kept separate during puberty? We also know that violent criminals such as murderers have their brains wire differently as well. How about having a pride parade for murderers, they can dance around blowing whistles and shooting guns like they do at hamas rallies….

Marry a woman and spend your life pretending 2. Have gay sex without gay relationships with or without 1 above 3. Have a gay relationship. What a nice service. Boruch Hashem, I am happily partnered, but this should be a marvelous resource for my single frum gay friends. It might also be valuable to all the married guys looking for a little on the side. Just be safe, everyone. I knew it was only a matter of time until our resident metzitza man heaped praise on the turd that set up this site.

What he is doing is the equivalent of putting a Torah in the bathroom. Were it up to me, this guy would be prodded back in the closet with a pitchfork. To all you preverted freaks of nature, what you are doing is against halacha, there are no heterim or ways around it. This is the only category of aveira where I see transgressors claiming to be frum yet proud of their aveirot at the same time, instead of being ashamed or at least discreet.

I agree that there is no way around the Torah prohibition against homosexuality. It is funny to see how all the religious Jews who support homosexuality try to dance around the prohibition. You are absolutely correct to say that homosexuality is evil, God hates it, and such a site is anti-Torah. But I will tell you a little secret. The Torah was written by men. And when you realize that, you realize that is is pointless to complain about what people do only because an ancient book said so.

Other activities are not mentioned. But what people can control is acting on that attraction. Next time you see a person suffering from Tourette Syndrome be sure to mock their freakish ticks. Making fun of people who struggle with a battle that is not of their own choosing , and doing so in a public forum , is also a violation of Halacha — and there are no heterim around it. Oh please, leave me alone with that B.

Furthermore, I might feel bad for a frum guy with those tendencies, if he felt bad about it himself. But when a frum guy is proud of his situation, why should I feel bad? You seem to be the one poking fun by calling me childish names. This Freudian slip is an admission of a central truth, your religious fundamentalism notwithstanding. Your words do not address a behavior, rather they are an ad-hominem attack on the very nature or is is unnatural of being gay.

A freak of nature is one that deviates from the natural way of things, regardless of whether or not they have a choice. Frum homos fall under 3 categories: Then the halacha is full of crap. We know a lot more about the human brain and body than our sheep-shagging Bronze Age ancestors. Same gender attraction comes from a complicated mix of biological factors.

Try using the stiff lump of lard just above your kugel hole for a second. Do you think any guy growing up frum would want to do boys? It means you will be abandoned by your family, shunned by your friends, cursed by everyone you respect, damned by your religion, cast out roofless and rootless. All the important things from children to smicha will be denied to you. Researchers need to learn more about the root causes of homosexuality so that a cure can be found.

If the organizations like Jonah that say they could cure homosexuality actually worked then it probably would not still be an issue. I just posted a response letter from someone who was very angry at me for posting this website on a frum blog. The author claims that I am contributing to the downward spiral of the frum community and that I am immoral.

Interesting to say the least. Am i the only one that thinks the site is a elaborate prank created by Heshy? If not, its sad but not that much worse than having a site like shaindy. Hiiii havent seen you round these parts. Point being that it is popular in PC circles to claim that David and Yehonatan were gay lovers. David and Jonathan may not have physical, sexual lovers, but they certainly loved each other.

They hugged and kissed and cried together, and declared their love openly. He calls him a disgrace due to his love of David. Can you say the same about the frum gays you know? Would you believe bisexual, maybe? Though what would you call the married men that have sxx with other men? You are clearly ignorant. It is possible to have physical desires for people of both sorts.

It is possible to be attracted to someone of one gender on and have deep romantic feelings for someone of the other. Before that there were various acts and preferences. But it was about what one did, not what one was. In Victorian and Edwardian times it was very common for women to have deep emotional and physical intimacy with their friends from adolescence.

It was only women who affected male clothing, mannerisms and speech who were considered unnatural Daughters of Bilitis. These women enjoyed the usual intimacies with their husbands. Personal and clinical accounts of the time are clear on that.

FindYourBashert is a shidduch service for Chabad and Lubavitch Jewish singles. llow Personalized Jewish DatingThe Effective Way to Meet Your Match. - This shidduch/dating service for Orthodox singles uses a - Online dating site for marriage-minded Jewish singles of all.

I did it all these months and enjoyed many aspects of it. I have had people ask me in wonderment how I find guys to date while so many others seem to go months, or even years, without an offer. You answer replies from guys and, at the same time, you can send messages to whoever tickles your fancy. That, and the fact that there is such a large pool of people, means there is a huge amount of potential and so you can often get yourself dates with nice people. With online dating you have the control to find a date and you also have the control when it comes to deciding who you go out with and who not.

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It rose to power as a well-meaning movement, but it is slowly destroying the singles scene. The Shidduch System is the evolution of friends setting up their single friends into a more formalized system where anyone with the urge to be a matchmaker can help any single they meet, or even those they just hear of. This approach means singles no longer have to rely on their small group of friends for setups.

How ‘The Shidduch System’ Ruins Shidduchim

Your profile is currently Deactivated. Would you like to reactivate your account and be able to log in again? Privacy is maintained as there is no public browsing. Gold members can select their own dedicated shadchan. The FindYourBashert shadchanim will contact you to get to know you beyond your profile. Your shadchan will arrange a personal interview to understand your dating needs.

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We were engaged for ten weeks, and three months after we met were married. You hardly know the person, for goodness sakes! What if you carefully and thoughtfully think about who you are and what kind of person you want to spend your life with, and carefully and thoughtfully go about the dating process to find that person? It works because there are some ground rules that set the tone for mature relationships. My husband and I enjoyed parks, picnics, restaurants, miniature golf and a museum when we dated. What kind of character do they have? Yes,the shidduch system works! Only 1 of my kids met via shidduch but all of my kids played by the rules dating for tachlis, shomrei negia etc ; all were engaged and married within a short time and remain happily married many years later bh.

Before getting married.

That is perfectly fine. Online dating no register dating revolutionized the way singles meet.

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Matchmakers access members' profiles to find and suggest potential matches, and members can also search the data base to see limited information about members, excluding photos, names, and contact details. Tens of thousands of Jewish singles and marrieds alike have done so through Rebbetzen Esther Jungreis' Hineini organization. Many married couples first met each other at a Hineni class or social gathering for singles. Hineni also offers matchmaking services. Each year, Inbar celebrates a number of weddings for men and women who have met thanks to its services. The site employs many features, including private mailboxes, so users can communicate safely until they choose to share personal information. The site also offers services of a matchmaker to recommend potential dating partners from the list of members. It offers a free matchmaking service for Jews of all religious affiliations which is run by a non-profit organization that has already made many matches of special needs couples. Users have a more comfortable experience because they only see those profiles that are relevant to them. Its many programs encourage young Jewish adults to explore their Jewish identity, develop their leadership potential, and find their own place within the community.

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Sign up now! A service designed to help Frum singles navigate the Shidduch system in a more productive and effective manner than ever before. By putting your profile on Yismach, you are in effect introducing yourself to many of the well-known independent. Every shadchan personally knows hundreds of other available possibilities, so you could potentially be matched with any one of the people that each shadchan knows. Signup Donate. Join Yismach now!

How ‘The Shidduch System’ Ruins Shidduchim

The process whereby a man and woman meet, become acquainted with each other and decide whether they are suitable for each other, is not only common sense — it's actually mandated by Jewish law. The Talmud stipulates that it is forbidden for a man to marry a woman until he meets her and she finds favor in his eyes, and a woman is not to be married until she is mature enough to make an intelligent decision with regards to her proposed husband. The prospective bride and groom must meet beforehand and both must be fully comfortable with each other and must give their full consent to the match. That said, according to Jewish tradition, dating plays a very specific role. Dating is viewed as a serious matter and is not intended for entertainment purposes. Dating is reserved for mature men and women who have reached marriageable age and are actively seeking their life mate.

The first twenty-three years, she says, were spent making shidduchim the traditional way—offline. It used to take two weeks to set up one match! E-mail can also speed up the matching process. Cell phones also speed up response times. No more frustrating repeated attempts to get in touch with a shadchan or a date—today people are reachable anytime, anywhere. Online communication also allows singles to cast a wider net, fishing from a cyberpool of potential mates throughout the country and even in other countries. ShidduchVision works the same way as Skype, but the image is larger and crisper.

May 8 3 Iyar Torah Portion. Four points from actively dating dudes that could make Jewish dating even better. I am a now-married Jewish male who experienced the shidduch Jewish dating system. Granted, after undercover research exploring all of the other systems AKA my past secular life I discovered firsthand that the Jewish way of dating is healthier, more secure, and produces significantly lower divorce rates than the rest of the world is enjoying. The current statistics of the divorce rate in America seem to be hovering between 43 and 47 percent. The gap in those stats is actually something that drew me towards a life of Torah to begin with.

I tried to hook up two guys once but luckily, like most men, they had to have so much information before even agreeing to a date that the shidduch never happened. I think the shidduch crisis extends to gays and lesbians too. I have wondered if it would be better to find gays and lesbians a frum shidduch or let them risk it out there in the gay world at large. Luckily for me, someone has just opened the first gay shidduch dating website, taking gay shidduchim worries out of my hands. Press release:

Evolution of Jewish Dating
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