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If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Quick Pitch: Sparkology is an invite-only luxury dating site for young professionals. Genius Idea: Sparkology members must be college graduates and the men must have graduated from the nation's top institutions. Sparkology was started to help the smart, reserved, hopeless romantic guy win.

Interview: Sparkology, NYC Exclusive, Invite-Only Dating Service

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But dating services Sparkology and The League are unabashed about who makes the cut -- accomplished young professionals. Sparkology is an invite-only elite online dating site for young and successful professional singles in major metropolitan areas. Founded in and launched in New York City, Sparkology provides an invite-only luxury online dating site to young professionals in major metropolitan.

Here are 5 New York-based dating sites, matchmakers and activities to help you land a new romance. By Annie Reuter. Forget those other dating sites. From our experience, Sparkology is by and large the most innovative and honest online dating experience out there.

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Sparkology is the exclusive invite-only singles site for young professionals. The mobile app puts the functionality of our community at your fingertips.

Sparkology: Let Your Stars Align

For years, singles have had to put up with pick up lines at bars or junk mail and fake profiles on dating websites, but now there is hope. Today, Sparkology moves from private to public beta with registered members. Sparkology was created to address the unique needs of young professionals and empower the rise of the modern lady and gentleman. With the outpouring of support at our launch party and the number of personal referrals on our site, people are showing they value quality over quantity , and proving us to be the best online dating experience for young professionals. Sparkology adds value for members with dating concierges that offer ideas for fresh and innovative dates as well as one-on-one support both online and off. The company hosts exciting experience-based events where members and their guests can mingle in a casual, no pressure atmosphere.

Exclusive Dating App Reveals Which College Graduates Receive the Most Messages

As more dating websites chase the same customers, it gets harder to see the differences among these companies. Most promise lots of dates, but that does not always translate into successful matches. Sparkology accepts new members through invitations from existing members, rather than the more common method of signing up most anyone willing to create a profile. Furmansky founded the startup last April as an alternative to such sites as Match. Dating sites that accept the masses with few filters may increase the volume of members, but he believes his screening process improves the caliber of potential dates. While women must be college educated to join Sparkology, men must be verified graduates of schools chosen from U. Furmansky confesses, though, that the pedigree of the college is no guarantee of finding the perfect match. This novel approach to online dating, he hopes, will help Sparkology beat the competition to enter the Y Combinator accelerator program. Sparkology raised some seed funding last April from friends and family.

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Most entrepreneurs start dating websites to make money, but Alex Furmansky created his because he wants to end hookup culture. Since Sparkology's launch in February , over 7, people have joined and two Sparkology couples have gotten engaged. What inspired you to start Sparkology? Alex Furmansky:

Sparkology Puts Elite Spin on Dating and Competes to Enter Y Combinator

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Sparkology Is for Yuppies Who Can't Get Laid

Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Sparkology is the exclusive invite-only singles site for young professionals. The mobile app puts the functionality of our community at your fingertips. You are worth more than the mass-market dating sites your friends are on.

Washington Dating Gets Even Snobbier

Unlike Tinder, Sparkology offers services like professional photography and even profile writing. Recently, the folks over at Sparkology looked at the men on the site to figure out which of them had the most inbound messages from women. Then, they broke it down by the colleges they graduated from. Courtesy Sparkology. The number one school on the list was Princeton, which is sure to have Harvard and Yale graduates up in arms. For those who are currently tearing up the dating scene , keep in mind the college competition when you start messaging.

Have you ever been on a date with someone and discovered their alma mater isn't even ranked in U. It's a real reverse panty-dropper, right, ladies? Fortunately, Alex Furmansky , founder of dating site Sparkology , has a solution for keeping out the riff raff. Right now, that list includes around the top 80 schools on U. News ' rankings, plus some international and regional schools. No word on where currently unranked George Washington falls Update, 2: Sparkology tells me that GWU grads are welcome after all. In another effort to avoid letting members inadvertently date hoi polloi, Sparkology only accepts users who are referred by existing members—-or, alternately, apply on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Going through a breakup sucks. A lot. And yes, the first thing you probably want to do is curl up into a ball, watch reruns of Friends, and have Seamless send you dinners while Taskrabbit picks up new boxes of Kleenex But after the mandatory mourning comes to a close, the only way to truly move on is to meet new people gasp! Some go into a shy, hesitation-filled shock. After all, you haven't dated in months, years maybe even a decade!!

Skip navigation! Monied Men: Illustrated By Sandy Ley. I'm not a fan of dating websites. Meanwhile, my best friend tries a new one every month. These days, it's not enough just to create an online dating community of users looking for love. For guys, Sparkology requires not only proof of a college degree but a degree from a specific list of schools.

Let Your Stars Align - Best Online Dating Site for Young Professionals
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