She started dating another guy

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Is Your Ex In a Rebound Relationship? Find Out With These Telltale Signs

I am about 5'10". I am in good shape, and I am good looking. I tend to be very smart and I most of the time know what I am talking about!! She is very cute at about 5"5" blonde hair. Just beautiful, Honestly I felt amazing the first time I saw her and the first time I talked her I could barely speak. She gets by in school, doesnt do to well in school but she gets by, persuing a degree in Health Science. She almost seems like she is very superficial, mom and dad take care of everythign for her one of those girls, but the way she talks to me and the way we talk to each other seemed to be magic.

So I met this girl in class College , and from the moment I saw her took my breath away. I start talking to her and I get her number. Mind you we are both single at this time. We talk for a little while and text back and fourth. Then one night, I get this call from her. She proceeds to tell me that she is calling me because "We just found out my father has cancer, and your the only one I feel comfortable talking to about it" she asks me to get grab her test from our teacher, it was a take home exam.

So I grab it and I get my take home exam done We trade papers, and end up talking for a good 3 hours just about life and what not, a little bit about her dad, not too much. We txt and I notice she starts to get a little flirty, and shows her caring side towards me. She tells me that I am sexy, and she tells me personal things. I eventually tell her I like her, and I ask her out. Every time that I asked her out she said "Yes" but never ended up committing to it. We continue to talk very flirty and she eventually tells me that she told her parents about me, and they said that we should date!

She lets me know that she is looking for love!! I somewhat shrugged it off, but we continued to talk, then somewhere around her 21st birthday, she stoped talking to me and txting me as much. This is where things get weird. I asked her "Are you seeing someone" about 3 weeks after her B-Day. She responds "Yes for a few weeks". Black Guy "ripped" "Firefighter" "Drinker", not the same one she was talking to in December, apparently just met.

This is about the time, I just let her know how I felt about her and that she was special to me and always would be. This is where I thought things were over, but apparently not. I would still txt her and she would continue to tell me she thinks I am sexy and blahh blahh blahh. I am still very much into this girl but she is still with this guy, its been about 2 months they been going out. I am just looking for love and to start a family and my life, she understood what I was about, I thought I understood what she was about.

I am trying to figure out if I should just leave the entire situation, because being friends seems so hard because I have these feelings for her. I put in so much time and it felt so good, I know that she liked me!!!! What happened?? Any oppinions would be appreciated. If she was as interested in you as you were in her, she wouldn't want to date someone else. She is having her fun with this other guy because she expects that you will be waiting for her anyway in case it doesn't work out with him.

I agree. I met a girl before just like the one you describe, 5'4", blonde, cutest thing ever. She was very flirty and would compliment me non stop. She finished up a semester of grad school, which she said she was all mine after.. Never heard from her again. Just let it go if you are catching feelings. If you cant manage to not get attached then play the field. What should I do then, just keep being friends, and wait. I've never felt this way and I really wouldnt want to mess stuff up with her, but at the same time, the hurt is awful.

Yeah, they are still going out, it just seems they have a weird relationship. I pritty much decided to stop talking to her, for the moment. Took her out of my phone,. All right. That saves you some trouble. She knows how to contact you, so it's up to her if she wants to. As for messing stuff up with her, I'm afraid it's all ready messed up and I really don't see it getting sorted to your satisfaction.

Look, if you think you can be friends with her without your unrequited feelings casting a pall over your friendship, then be friends with her. Keep in mind, though, a relationship with you is not her priority. I think you should just concentrate on your courses for now. There's plenty of time for love and family after you've finished school and established yourself in your career. If you want a chance with her jealousy could open that door for you.

Seeing as she seems to still be operating from the immature primal emotional area of her brain. You could simply start dating others. I do believe a bit more aggression on your end will suit you well in this case. The guys she goes for sound like the aggressive type. This girl is a party hard, fun and no bsns kinda girl. She goes after guys who party even harder then she ddoes. Nothing wrong with that at her age, shes just is in a stage right now.

You on the other hand need someone who is more mature and is srs about there life, and about u. Keep looking and stay away from girls that can capture ur heart but can offer nothing in return, and girl who play with mens hearts for fun. They are very dangerous to ppl like me and you, who arnt strategic experts in relationships. SOunded like she wanted fun a and u wanted love, sorry bro.

Hoped u learned something from this. Ahh yes the typical leaving you as second option if anything goes wrong, it says something about her personality doesnt it? She is bad news, run for the hills. Even if her "phase" will be over, using people says something about that person and you want serious relationship wich she will never be.

Or you can play her own game and just use her for sex. Just play like you are her lap dog, date other people, than when she will want sex, use her, ditch her. What is and how does it work? I would highly suggest that any new BS begin these behaviors as soon as possible. I am convinced that if I had implemented. In retrospect, I did everything besides I looked pathetic. No one wants to be perceived as pathetic. So here's the list: Don't pursue, reason, chase, beg, plead or implore.

No frequent phone calls. Don't encourage or initiate discussion about the future. Don't ask for reassurances about the future between you. Don't buy or give gifts for any reason even birthdays or christmas 9. Don't schedule dates together. Don't keep saying, "I Love You! Do more then act as if you are moving on with your life; begin moving on with your life! Be cheerful, strong, outgoing and independent even if you feel like your not.

But stay busy! When home with your spouse, if you usually start the conversation be scarce or short on words. Don't push any issue? No matter how much. Seem totally uninterested. Thus, you are moving on with your life? Don't be nasty, angry or even cold - Just pull yourself back. Don't always be so available?

What would you do if your girlfriend were dating another guy secretly? What should I do if my girlfriend texts another guy more than me? Is it cheating if your girlfriend tells another guy she likes him while you're still dating?. It is fine to ask her out on a platonic date to get to know her better, e.g., take her out for a coffee and a chat. In that date, ask her if she is single and let her tell you .

Relationships are always hard! Breaking up with someone you are still in love with is surely one of the hardest things you might have ever gone through. That final nail on your coffin makes you lose all hope of winning her back and rekindling your lost love. But should you give upon your love that fast? Could you get your ex back even if she is already dating?

I am about 5'10".

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Can I Get My Ex Back If She’s Already Dating?

Your ex broke up with you and left you heartbroken. And while you are still trying to understand what happened and pick up the shattered pieces of your life, your ex has started another relationship. However, you are still not convinced. Your ex seems happy and their new relationship seems to be going perfectly. And the thought of it just being a rebound relationship is very comforting.

What to do if she is seeing another guy?

Forum Rules. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Add Thread to del. Found out its because there is another guy in the picture Is it game over or can I somehow spark her interest back? Haven't contacted her in a couple weeks, now I don't know if I should pursue still or wait it out? Whether she ends up in a relationship with this guy or not I can still run some BFD techniques



Met a girl, got fairly close, then she starts dating this guy....still is telling me I am sexy....







I'm Sure She's Seeing Another Dude
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