Pisces man and cancer woman dating

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! The Pisces man and Cancer woman can be a perfect love match. They have many things in common that contribute to intimacy and being able to connect on a deep emotional level. The soulmate bond is one that is incredibly difficult to break. While no relationship is without problems, this partnership can last forever.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman

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I'm a Cancer woman who is dating a Pisces man and for me there is no better compatibility. He totally understands me deeply sensitive, emotional nature and I truly love his sensual, gentleness and strength; he can be brash and tough when dealing with the day to day grind, but when we're together, we are at total peace and calm We are definitely each other's safe place, we both cherish being protective of the other and there is just this profound deep emotional connection that we share.

I truly love that we can be on the same page regardless of when we're together or even when we need space or alone time. Our mutual interest just enhances our connection and when we have had differences, they are so minimal and it's very easy for us to get past any conflict. I would say that for me, this Pisces man is truly my soulmate!! I just got out of a relationship a few weeks ago. I know it seems like its too soon to be interested in someone else so quickly but she is a great person who I cant take my eyes off and when im around her my words are all in a mix.

Since the fish Pisces woman is so 'slippery'. How does one know if they like you? Things they say and do seem so very contradictory. How in the name of Christ do you know if they don't like you? Somebody please help! And are they even faithful? As far as I know, Pisces men are bloody cheats. Pretenders trying to be angels. My Piscean male friend 'cared' for his 'soulmate' and next thing you know he was sleeping with someone else because he needed a 'change'.

He told me I would never understand. A re fish women any different? I heard they cheat in the name of strengthening their 'original' relationship. Some rubbish! I've also heard they liked being pitied. Martyr complex or something like that. So should I even consider this fish woman whom I met recently? Will appreciate any help Alex. Well I truly love a Pisces man and I am a Cancer woman. He is something out of this world. I love him so much. But the things is I have not told him this.

We share on so many levels, spiritual and intellectual. We cover so many basis and these conversations last for ours. We talk every day. All I can say I am in love. But I wonder if he is??? That has me baffled, he can be so elusive. I went to his house last night and there was a dozen of roses on his coffee table, that was a beautiful sight. As many times as I have been to his house that shocked me.

I just wonder about him. I am with a Pisces man and I am a Cancer woman how do I start a conversation with him because I feel that I am boring him and I suppose that's why he's cheating. I am a Cancer woman whose dating a Pisces man. I'm very into astrology and for the longest time I was so into my Pisces man that I kept looking up Pisces-Cancer compatibility and what not For you Cancers It takes time for him to open up It took my Pisces about 8 months to admit he really liked me.

I knew he liked me, but it was not something that we discussed.. If your patient, wait, give each other space and give each other time to realize how much you actually do care for each other MY boyfriend is a Pisces he called me hot and vibrant the most beautiful girl he ever saw. Bought me a gold watch booked us a restaurant On valentines date, but didn't call me back as he promised on Thursday ; when I asked him why he didn't answer? I'm a Pisces man and had a some good talks with this Cancerian woman.

She invited me to her place and the first time we simply talked the second we kissed and did this kinda romantic sensual stuff, no sex. A week later when she comes home from vacation she tells me that she still thinks of her EX-boyfriend which is an Aries I might add. Anyway I'm confused ever since and although I thought she really liked me I think she was simply playing with me.

And like the person above said, they don't like confused Pisceans after some play time. It really hurt and we have stopped talking, so I just wait and see, because truly she felt like the real deal. Before her I have never fallen in love. Every partner in my life I was in a relationship with was a Pisces man. Even after it has ended I feel like I loved him still love him and will love him forever. The experience is impossible to remove I feel him all the time.

Pisces man here and I've dated both. I find Cancer ladies to be much more compassionate and caring. Scorpio women on the other hand tend to be too domineering and manipulative for my taste. They basically want to own you, but not in a good way. Cancer women get my vote. Though I will say that the two are the sexiest of all the signs so it's about tied in that one area. My partner is a fish man and he is my number 1 job.

We are capable of loving each other as much as possible I sense it will be longer then forever it could pass to another next life. I am currently in the works of trying to figure out of a Pisces boy likes me or not. I am a Cancer girl, and I have been researching our compatibility. I believe in it, but at the same time I do not believe enough to throw my emotions out there and just tell him I have feelings for him, when I am uncertain if he feels the same way.

I stopped talking to him cold turkey but he's all I think about and its 3 months later and im still not over it. I found out and didn't say anything and he still was pretending that it was just me and him. I date a Pisces man 4 13 years im a Cancer women. I will never meet anyone like him, never. I'm a Cancer woman dating a Pisces man, and although we just started our relationship, there's an element of ease within our relationship. It's as though we can read each other's minds.

It's a totally different experience and I think every Cancer should date a Pisces at least once in their life. Thumbs up. In love with and suffering from a Pisces man, he is all I think about all day long. I'm now scared to start any kind of relationship for I gave him my heart, he stepped on it in a harsh way. I loved him, he said for him it was just a game. I don't seem to let go of him, or the thought of being rejected by him either. I'm a Cancer woman, that is extremely sensitive, his harsh words were like poisoned flesh that made me deeply sad.

No he didn't cheat on me, but he simply never loved me, he said he liked me , but he is still seeking for his love, and he added that we were never compatible to start with, which is totally untrue. I am a Cancer woman very much in love with a Pisces male. He is the sweetest most loyal man I've ever encountered, but it took much patience to get to the good stuff. So ladies You'll know quickly if he doesn't. As for anyone needing advise on a Pisces man taking so long to open up or warm up to sex, all I can say is he cares a lot if he's trying.

It may take several times to be somewhat intimate to have all out wonderful sex. Give him that time please and you will be rewarded for sure. He needs to trust and be totally comfortable because he's nervous as all get out. But when he really loves you and everything settles, then happiness comes. I am a Cancer woman He makes me feel sooo comfortable. We're only just getting to know each other, so it's way too early to talk about LOVE. But he's amazing so far If your a Cancer looking for a Pisces

Get free compatibility horoscope for Pisces man and Cancer woman to view their compatibility in bed, love life and relationship at vacuumfurnacedesign.com A Cancer woman is often shy, but a Pisces man will give her.

Erica Garvin Leave a comment. Can Pisces men and Cancer women relationships be compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? Finally the Pisces Man has found someone who can understand him on a deeper emotional level. The Pisces Man and Cancer Woman in love are probably the best match for each other.

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However, can these two sensitive creatures really create a happily ever after, or is it an illusion? Kindred Spirits.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Long-Term Compatibility

Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. Understand the real motives that drive you to seek a particular friend. What was it that attracted you towards each other? What will help you keep your relationship strong? Are you and your partner the best SunSign match?


In terms of compatibility, a Pisces man and Cancer woman is one of those rare perfect love matches. A Pisces man and a Cancer woman are emotionally, psychically, spiritually, and intimately attuned to one another. Theirs is a soulmate bond that transcends the physical. They are on the same wavelength, the strengths of one strengthens the other, and the harmony between them is so peaceful and flows so well this relationship can last a lifetime. Pisces is the mutable water sign. It's the zodiac sign of smoke, mirrors, dreams, schemes, illusions, and mystical, magical things. A Pisces man is the gentlest, sweetest, most romantic, caring, and giving person it the world. He's an enchanter who's an emotional and physical shapeshifter, and a go-with-the-flow sort of guy who's open-minded and can quickly take on the perspective of any woman with whom he's involved. He's a highly imaginative, adaptive, and intuitive man, but also slippery and hard to tie down. He's a man who needs freedom to move about, so the tighter a woman hangs on, the slicker he'll get and harder he'll be to hold.

If opposites attract, what happens when two water signs try to make it work?

Cancer and Pisces are almost always brought together by a romantic love. Their sexual connection is usually primarily emotional. Pisces partner might seem a bit weird and kinky to Cancer, but they should have a feel for each other, strong enough for both of them to enrich their sexual relationship with their own quality.

Pisces man and Cancer woman

Email address: The Pisces man and the Cancer woman can have a very rewarding relationship together because they are affectionate and devoted people. They want the same things from love. Aside from a few bad moments, the Pisces man and the Cancer woman get along very well because they both have a deep level of understanding for each other. The Pisces man is imaginative and lives in a world of dreams. When he feels cornered, he will retreat into a fantasy world in which everything is perfect. But if he gets lost for too long in his illusions, he will miss on great opportunities in life, and his dreams will never come true. Both him and the Cancer woman are compassionate, empathic and deep. This means they will last for a long time as a couple. But if they want to make their relationship more beautiful and interesting, they need to find a way to communicate efficiently. Neither of them wants to express their emotions, so problems will remain unspoken and will pile up.

Pisces Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

A Pisces man and Cancer woman are a great zodiac match. They are able to understand each other in a way that few other signs can. They are also able to balance each other in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. A Pisces man is gentle enough and vulnerable enough that a Cancer woman will relax in his presence and will want to look after him. A Pisces man will be warmed by the love and care that a Cancer woman is capable of.





Cancer & Pisces: Love Compatibility
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