Middle school dating is pointless

April 11 Soar into the Movies with Dumbo. Yes, some relationships that begin in middle school end up lasting throughout high school and into adult life. When a couple breaks up for whatever reason, this can sometimes have an emotional impact on them. The two will still have to see each other at school, which can be compared to dating a co-worker and still having to work with them.

Are middle school relationships pointless?

The majority of high school students want to fit in. Even more important, to some. More about that in a future post. So what does fitting in have to do with relationships? Just look at television shows like Degrassi or Glee or Smallville. Another reason high school relationships fail is due to the fact that to the people who are in them: This is probably going to earn me criticism from my peers, but honestly, we are not the most mature bunch.

Some of us, anyway. Those who care about themselves intentionally: These are the people who date because they want the relationship, not the other person in the relationship. Those who care about themselves unintentionally: This is a difficult category. Oh Joe, all those sweet things you say to me and the gifts you buy me make me just want to die! Think about it. Those who care about the other person: This group is reserved for the love between parent and child, sibling and sibling, and other rare circumstances — imagine how much time you would have to spend with a person until you could achieve that with them.

Certainly more than four years. All of those detract from the depth of a relationship, and because those things are so prevalent in high school, they decrease the amount of successful relationships. Not to mention college — I might write a post later on about why long distance relationships fail, if I have time. Teenagers also tend to think that their boyfriends and girlfriends are better than they actually are, or over analyze the emotions involved in the relationship, instead of actually, well, dating.

They will never live up to your expectations. Stop playing games. A growing relationship can only be nurtured by genuineness. I want to end this delightful post by saying that I do not intend to offend anyone — I have several friends in relationships and wish them the best. This is just my personal opinion, and others are free to argue. I hope they argue, actually, because if not the world would be depressing.

I consider myself a romantic person, and yet here I go writing this… what a two-faced freak. Filed under Society. Tagged as adolescents , college , cynicism , degrassi , glee , high school , jersey shore , love , relationships , smallville , teenagers. I know I have a tendency to reply to your posts, but I did have a strong inclination to respond to this one specifically because, as a slightly older individual, I can say that I agree with your observations for the most part, particularly that relationships were a part of fitting in.

Because of this, I feel that a lot of the relationships that I watched from the sidelines in High school failed. It bothered me greatly, and made me very unhappy for several years. Looking back at it now, it feels absolutely ridiculous, but I suppose it was the psychological influence of the relationships I was surrounded with. Even worse, those teenage years begin the raging hormones that tell us only one thing: I also believe that when first assaulted with those hormones, the human mind has not had time to learn to control them.

The only relationship I remember from high school that I gave a chance of surviving involved someone not altogether preoccupied with sex. It comes with its risks, risks I am happy I avoided. When I was a teenager I rarely saw that kind of thinking going on. Overall, High School relationships, and just High School years in general, are overrated. The most upsetting things I saw were people who decided not to go to college, or to go to a different college, just to be with their high school beau.

It makes me feel old. If anything, it just proves that you have a mental depth that is desired by many. Once again, thanks for the comment. Also, I note that some of my comments seem pretty lengthy, but I have a tendency to go on. XD My grandparents used to say, when I was little, that I had a certain number of words I HAD to use every day, and I would use them, whether people were listening or not. I think your way with words is incredible.

I also feel a little out of place in my high school because I actually am considering what career field I want to go into and which colleges have the best curriculum, or simply figuring which courses at my school give me the best chances in a college. Relationships were another thing I considered in the affects of my grades. Even knowing how these relationships will fail, before reading this I messed around and got myself a boyfriend.

Perfect example, in my opinion how science plays such a huge role in this. I know this is not going to be a long term relationship yet it feels good to have the attention and socializing aspect in my life. I really enjoyed reading your point of view on the subject. I enjoy reading your lengthy comments, it makes me happy that someone is taking the time to read what I have to write in the first place. By all means, write as much as you want:. Well the drama is irritating, yes, but I do rather like my college experience so far.

Except for the food… The food here sucks, to be plain. I giggle when people mention genitalia and I can be a bit crude sometimes. I also have, as many creative minds do, a sense of A. I actually really enjoyed reading this because it completely reminded me of my life welcome to high school.. I mean right now, going to boarding school and all, high school is kind of a bubble. Sorry, slight tangent throught there.

Food for though, eh? Of course I can agree with and understand your points of view and beliefs in this department. I just feel like making some comments. I know probably two couples that have lasted over a year, and one over two years. I applaud them. Of course, teens are always willing to take that risk. People always say to learn from your mistakes.

With each good relationship, you learn more about yourself and others. I hang out with friends, I spend time with my boyfriend, I workout, I got a buttload of things to do with family, yet my grades are still at an all-time high. I just think of my relationship as something fun. Thanks for your insightful comment! I had to think about what you said for awhile before responding — you bring up a lot of great points.

However, when I think of a relationship, I assume that the people in the relationship want it to last for a solid amount of time, and maybe even lead to marriage or something that will last a lifetime. Study for your SATs? Start a school club? Volunteer at the local library? Many people that are in relationships in high school are building foundations for relationships that will come along later, without those foundations realizing what you expect from yourself and your partner whilst in a relationship, etc.

Of course, these would be in the minority but they will exist. I tottally agree with this post and gaaaah your post is so well written plah. Once again, thanks for reading! This is someones actual facebook post that they just posted: The fact that someone would post that type of message online publicly makes me question the authenticity of their feelings as well. Misinterpretations the quiet voice. I agree. Your opinion has given me something to write about in English Class. Seems crazy, right?

Best of luck to you and your boyfriend. I was just reading your article that popped up and I felt I should possibly reply. Your article is very very correct under most circumstances, as I currently observe in my daily high school life. I hope that all goes well for you two too. I agree with your article on so many levels. I even have friends who have to always be in a relationship, because it makes them happy. I see what you mean. I can relate to how your friends complain about problems or drama about their relationships or how happy the relationship itself makes them feel as opposed to the other person in the relationship.

Some times I wonder whether people who incessantly complain about their boyfriend or girlfriend truly care about them, or if they only care about the status the relationship is supplying them with. I wish more people would realize that high-school relationships are not worth sacrificing family commitments, college, and essentially your future for. The majority of my friends that have been in long relationships have all broken up within the last month due to cheating, fights, etc.

The Right to Judge the quiet voice.

It's so stupid when people date in middle school. The point of dating is to find someone you want to marry. You're not going to do that at the age of twelve, amirite. Relationships in middle school are overrated and aren't very beneficial to anyone : No I'm not just making this argument because I'm sick of all.

How old are you now? That is not socially acceptable, darling. What will your peers have to say about this? You will grow old and frail all alone, without a single offspring in the world, By the age of 25, your life will be over.

The majority of high school students want to fit in. Even more important, to some.

When we become teenagers, we start to feel deep and strong emotions about each other, in different ways. BUT big but it should not turn into a sexual relationship, no one should be forced to do something they are uncomfortable with, just because you're ready for it doesn't mean anyone else is, there are consequences, you will probably break up with in 6 months, this probably won't be who you marry, just because you like someone doesn't mean you have to date them, you will probably be judged, and most importantly, dating isn't a secret. Everyone you know may find out.

Although my lovely daughters considered me the meanest mom ever, they were not permitted to "date" until they were 16, when they and any of their potential suitors were of an age to drive. Which eliminates the awkwardness of a parent taking you on said "date. This family "policy" grew out of the infinite wisdom of MY mother, now almost 80 years old, who said when boys and girls begin trying to forge romantic relationships at 12 or 13 or even 15, the only place left "to go" by 18 or 19 is "all the way" her modesty is so sweet by today's standards and that girls should seize the opportunity to BE someone first before they become intimately involved with a man. Your views of "boys--meh--I could live without them" in middle school was much more normal than you perceived at the time. It's just that the kids who were pairing up then were being very vocal and public with it to validate their behavior.

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every teen needs to hear this.
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