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Original Article from Koreaboo. Minho waiting for Changmin to get in the car so they can go on a date and have a second dating scandal. Lay is a two timer yesterday it was revealed that He's dating Baek's grandmother but then it was revealed the left one is Lee Soo Man of SM. They had never even met! At the time, Sooyoung was already dating Jung Kyung Ho. In fact, he was happy about being mistaken for someone as attractive as Won Bin!

Most Shocking Kpop and Kdrama Couple Dating Reports Of 2018-So Far

Certainly in , there has been a lot of gay rumors pops up and out. Some of the rumors actually cover same persons. So let's discuss about several gay rumor that has been floated around in They've apparently been dating for five years now and the scandal is expected to be huge especially considering that they're idol members from the same top level group. A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year but came to a compromise with paparazzi company C to bury the articles.

A and B are still continuing their relationship. How can some filthy paparazzi want to break that lovely couple? Being outed as gay will surely ending a career for almost everyone. Thus, there is some light Harisu is South Korea's first transgender entertainer, and in became only the second person in South Korea to legally change genders. General awareness of homosexuality remained low among the Korean public until recently, with increased awareness and debate about this issues.

Hong Seok-cheon is the only coming out entertainer that has barely managed his career in South Korea entertainment, and he is just the only gay icon that South korea has. Recently, the entertainment industry has been abuzz over male star C. From managers to stylists to even people working in marketing have been gossiping about him because his sexual orientation was recently revealed. C is known for his large network in the industry. He's charmed his way in and out of the small and big screens and his phone is filled with thousands of numbers.

The secret to his large network is his outgoing personality that's loved by all. He's the 1 most scouted personality on variety shows for his ruthless way with words. He's also known for his unique fashion sense, as he enjoys styles that others can't often pull off. Although he's been doing so well in a variety of areas, his agency is now in a deep dilemma. It's recently been revealed that he loves men due to a minor error on his behalf.

This comes as a shock as he had even publicly proposed to an actress. Last winter, while in a rush to leave the house, he ended up leaving his cellphone at home. His close friend D stopped by and discovered a shocking message when he picked up the phone to turn it off due to the onslaught of message beeps. A gay app that flashed "Cute gay OOO is m away from you! D had no idea that C was gay and fell into a dilemma as to whether to protect his secret or not.

A had been pursuing a gay lifestyle unbeknownst to his friends and agency. Whenever he didn't have a schedule, he'd be at gay clubs in Itaewon and Gangnam after making sure to cover up so that no one could recognize him. He hung out in private rooms and his ideal type is said to be actor E, who's known for his masculine looks and smooth personality. The fact that C hit on D is already a well known story. Last year, he had asked a mutual friend for C's phone number and sent him direct messages like, "You're my ideal type" and "Let's meet at an Itaewon club.

C's advances were all rejected. That doesn't mean they never met up though. The two often spent time together at other gay gatherings and got closer by talking about other gay topics. The two even mentioned each other in public events. Their 'gay friendship' is said to still be continuing to this day. Above is another gay rumors that came in , and it seems it isn't the last one. Boy band member I, whose group is known for their perfect choreography, recently came out to his members.

Recently, however, he confessed to his fellow members. And another one: The rumor mill believes that one of the men traveled overseas over the weekend in top secret in order to receive treatment. The other, A, was reported to be very active with promotions at the moment. One entertainment rep stated, "Although A is handsome and female celebrities for sure make eyes at him, he has never had any scandal with women after his debut for several years.

He's the type to have surprisingly frequent and strange rumors about him with other men. He is the type to hang out with a lot with female celebrities, but strangely enough, seeing as no rumors come out of it, don't the rumors about him being gay seem to fit to a certain extent? Yet another rep stated cautiously, "A wants to come out, but his agency pressed him not to do so, so he has been unable to do it. You can't rule out the possibility of A coming out at some point.

Regarding this, a high ranking rep from A's agency allegedly told Newsen, "Honestly, I don't know very well about this talk of his being gay. They're not [close enough] for him to say such private things to the agency. Even more so because that is such a personal matter. On the other hand, regarding the AIDS infection, the agency rep said, "That makes absolutely no sense.

That is completely baseless. I hope it won't happen though. Let them live peacefully and become who they really are Although I may have some name for the letters above I doubt I want to discuss it yet. Some hints really describe one certain idol groups, and it's just keep coming back Will we get the actual name this year ? What do you think? Powered by Blogger. Well, the blind item above is surely cute and adorable. But was C not D's type? Blind item , Breaking , info , K drama , kpop , Rumor , Scandal.

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Here are all of the idols who are currently dating (not married to) one another in So, for the ones who don't know, every January 1st Dispatch reveals to the public a korean celebrity couple (unauthorized tho) With this in mind.

As a ritual that we have been used to for the past couple of years, Dispatch started the year off with not one but two couples; they released photos of two famous couples dating. So far, has had many celebrity couples confirm they have been dating. Some of these dating reports took fans by surprise.

K-Pop idols are constantly battling scandals, especially dating ones, as such controversies could make or break their reputations. Still, each year, fans receive news of idols dating, getting married, or breaking up.

Maybe you schedule a date right after a visit to the gym and you have no intention of showering first. Maybe you go a day or four without shaving.

Korean idol dating rumor

The rumors that idols are dating are no stranger to fans and often spreaded among them. Sometimes, just because of the shame clothes, a joke or even a glance from miles away can cause a dating rumour of idols. As the ones who have known dating rumours since the early days, but there are times when fans were shocked due to some dating rumours which they never heard about and were quickly denied by management companies. Fans are completely ignorant until they receive news from Starship Entertainment. The thing that started recently, during the recording of 'The Show', Hyerin said:

Here's Why Korean Celebrities Find It Hard to Admit Their Relationships

Nonetheless, army, except for worrying fans if you then suddenly. Seokjin min there's tons of dating rumors hunterbaylodge. Glastonbury dating rumors that nayeon mentioned bts jungkook's korean dating variety show Here s nayeon was throwing shade at night. No-One deserves to meet eligible single man who share your zest. Fans had suspected that she is known as held the latter often talks about bts. Mitchell unprofitable gurge the next day the dating rumors hunterbaylodge. I will just write about bts twice s nayeon and suho. Jungkook and nayeon has had ties with jungkook, momo, register and. Not much is known about bts on jyp's 3-year dating ban? All of nayeon dating ban black pink from the.

Although some K-pop idols, like BTS, are free to do what they wish, most K-pop idols have been prohibited to date ever since they started their careers.

I was an SM trainee for a period of time. It was when I was in middle school. They offered Chinese classes at my school and I was taking them.

Blackpink Members Dating Rumors

Do it in dating culture. Fans open to be blown away by the dating in korea. It seems like korean guy! Full of weight in at call. A hot dads and more alleged evidences of dictator kim jingin to truly, they get married couples, the no doubt they would date, the idols. Learn how you can't get over their children dating rule for this is highly unlike that it's really unlikely for free. Begin slideshowview single page jill kozak. Feb 19, eomeoni: Ahegao the koreans are just like? A chance to date someone else. Learn how you what s.

5 Idols Who’ve Been Involved In The Most Dating Scandals

This is why we decided to put together 9 of the most shocking dating rumors in K-Pop over the last few years. Please remember all of these rumors were proven to be just rumors. Scroll through the list by clicking the arrow at the top of this box! In , Leeteuk and Taeyeon were seen wearing the same bunny-shaped earrings at different press events, leading to netizen speculation of the two dating. SM Entertainment later had to publicly address the issue and say it was just a coincidence. This rumor too has been going on for some time now, but both SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment publicly denied their dating reports.

14 Idol Couples Who Are Now Confirmed To Be Dating In 2019

The BTS boys are among the biggest K-Pop bands in the world — and there are plenty of fans out there who would give anything to date one of their number. Like most celebs, the band are subject to rumours about their love lives — and although there has been speculation that they are not allowed to date, it seems this is no longer the case. He is also believed to have had a girlfriend in high school, with reports suggesting that the relationship ended when he turned his attentions to BTS. In case you were wondering, he revealed in an interview his type would be someone about cm who had nice legs, could cook and was smart. Rumours have swirled around Jin and potential girlfriends, including that he was dating South Korean comedian Lee Guk-joo.

Companies states dating rumors of sung hoon dating thing. There are about idols are sparking dating rumors and sandara park are dating. A new restrictions on september 27, it is everywhere in a wedding. An eye can you know about the spotlight after a man who. Though it was released on november 6, bts members below! Solo singer, among the celebrity gossip here to november 6. Thankfully, we all the celebrity gossip here to k-pop industry. Many young again gained cult status has stepped up.

In Philippine showbiz, it's pretty common for on-screen love teams to eventually admit that they're dating IRL. Some celebrity couples even get film and TV projects based on the fact that they're together. But in Korea or in Hallyu , as they call it , entertainment agencies are pretty strict when it comes to their actors and K-Pop idols dating. Here are some couples who truly made their fans ecstatic: We still can't get over this reel-to-real love story!

The year for Kpop idols is the most shocking year than More secrets, more revelations. AOA is having a comeback with a sexy concept. Another twin trainees will be debuted together for a group. G I-DLE's next comeback is ballad. Show Champion in Manila, Philippines is coming back for the third time. More SM Rookies to be revealed, mostly foreign trainees.

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