Halo mcc matchmaking taking too long

Earlier today Industries sent out an update MB for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Simply put, matchmaking is still not where it needs to be after this update but it is getting better. Progress has been made even if it feels like baby steps. As far as user experience, there finally appears to be a closer divide between users reporting shorter, more successful matchmaking waits than with the 1. That said, these same users are also reporting that even when they got into matches in 5 minutes or so which is still too long for a modern FPS to make players wait that they were often put into uneven matches with teams split badly in favor of one particular team.

Halo mcc long matchmaking times that

A new major game update has come to Halo: This update will come in at around 73 GB, so make sure you have a large HDD before downloading as this will eat up most of your empty space. Halo 3: ODST has also received the same enhancements if you have already installed it. Matchmaking has once again been improved, with i promising a more stable online experience across both multiplayer and campaign co-op.

Dedicated servers are also now in use for the Master Chief Collection and are there for all matchmaking game sessions. Average ping time is now viewable in the Network settings. All prior rankings have been reset as well. Matchmaking playlists have also been broken up so that you can better stick to whatever game and mode you prefer. There will be 14 playlists at launch that will be rolled out over time.

At launch the update currently only supports 5 playlists:. LAN support has also been added for those who wanted to recreate their dorm room college days of hooking up consoles together to play against one another without the use of internet. This can be toggled in the Network settings menu. Alternatively, you can also manually configure the IP addresses for each Xbox via the System Settings for each console on the network.

Either way, each Xbox needs to have a unique identity with a network configuration that allows it to route packets. Load times are improved, no matter what version of the Xbox One console you have, and is especially noticeable in Halo 2: A new splash screen will appear on the main menu. Due to the large size of The Master Chief Collection , which originally had a download size of 65GB at launch, you can now choose what games and modes you desire to install as well as language options.

Due to this ability to pick and choose mutliplayer matches may take longer for games that have a smaller playerbase, such as Halo 4. The breakdown is as follows:. The full detailed list of fixes can be found at Halo Waypoint as always, and feedback is encouraged through the various channels for campaign , multiplayer , or miscellaneous errors you may come across. You can check out the new options as they will appear in-game after the update installs in the gallery below.

When I go into matchmaking, it's taking forever to find a match, like 20+ minutes if at all. Anyone got something to help? Was thinking about. So far I been in one match in the last 30 mins on halo 3 so what's the to the people that purchased this game and have waited this long for a.

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Master Chief Collection project while development of the next Halo mainline entry remains unaffected.

Unfortunately, that track record appears to be at an end, as the prognosis for Halo: The Master Chief Collection's multiplayer isn't looking good.

Why is it taking so long to find a game now?

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Halo: Master Chief Collection's latest patch is a huge 73GB

The latest patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection is live now and focuses on matchmaking, UI, stability and other features, outlined by Industries in summary form after the break. For matchmaking specifically, the patch promises to improve search success rates, reduce instances of the "Awaiting Privileges" error, more correctly determine player counts in each playlist, fix an issue where players appeared to be searching in the incorrect "find game" screen, and add a countdown sound effect to the voting timer. The update should improve the network performance of Halo 2: Anniversary , lower the music volume in multiplayer menus and fix stability issues across multiple games in both campaign and multiplayer. The Master Chief Collection has suffered from matchmaking issues since launch, prompting Industries to dole out compensation in the form of a free month of Xbox Live for early adopters, plus a free p, 60fps Halo 3: ODST campaign due in the spring, and a fresh nameplate and avatar. Microsoft Studios]. Improved matchmaking search success rates.

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The developers have announced the new patch aims to improve the matchmaking system, which has caused a range of issue for fans online since launch almost three week ago. The Master Chief Collection, you will be prompted to download the latest content update," a statement revealed.

How Ranking Works in ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’

Halo developer Industries is updating Halo: Exit Theatre Mode. The MCC has had matchmaking issues since it launched in November of , and acknowledges those issues were due in large part to the way the collection was developed. Recent updates, along with the release of the Xbox One X, have provided the team with an opportunity to resolve long-standing issues. O'Connor states that these updates were not possible until recently, due to a number of improvements the platform team made over the last year. Since their work has been reliant on a number of different systems instead of just one issue, estimating the timing of the update has been difficult until now. Some problems arose from the way testing occurred at Due to smaller test sizes, the studio never experienced the issues that would pop up once the game was released. While there were other issues, matchmaking seems to have been the core of the problem. The way the Xbox One was built also had a profound effect on the way the game systems interacted.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection receives a massive update complete with Xbox One X enhancements

The Master Chief Collection is about to get some major updates that will drastically rework code and improve functionality, courtesy of a small team within Industries dedicated solely to supporting old Halo games. Normally this would be good - if somewhat expected - news. What makes this particular turn of events notable is that it's currently February , more than three years on from Halo: MCC's original release date of November 11, It's not like this hasn't been coming for awhile, either. MCC was famously lambasted for unreliable matchmaking, sluggish performance, and general clunky bugginess. So what's on the docket for the future?

343i Posts Halo: Master Chief Collection Development Update, Announces Public Flighting Program

For Adam McGuire, the hype surrounding Halo: The Master Chief Collection couldn't have been higher. McGuire, a year-old project engineer from Grand Haven, Michigan, saw it as a way to revisit his favorite game series, and rekindle a romance that started more than a decade before with Halo: Combat Evolved. McGuire is a hardcore devotee of the franchise. As a student at Michigan State University, he sold an old guitar and bought an Xbox and a copy of Halo 2 to stay competitive with his friends. They played Halo 3 for years, devouring the map packs and using the game to stay in touch after graduation.

This will come in handy to free up some space, especially in light of the huge update. You can read the full patch notes below. You can also expect faster load times, and an updated menu and UI. Fixed issue with Forge objects missing when first loading into a Forge Session H3: Adjusted object list window to better reflect Halo 3 assets H3: Adjusted Damage Modifier text to match descriptions H4:

Released originally on the Xbox One on November 11, , and later in on PC the collection was developed by Industries in partnership with other studios and was published by Microsoft Studios. The collection consists of Halo: Each game in the release received a graphical upgrade, with Halo 2 receiving a high-definition redesign of its audio and visuals that are exclusive to the collection. The game includes access to the live-action series Halo: Nightfall as well as the Halo 5:

The Master Chief Collection. Combat Evolved Anniversary , Halo 2: Anniversary , Halo 3 , Halo 4 , and all of their original multiplayer modes. The Master Chief Collection contains every Campaign level from the included games playable in their original engines. All missions are unlocked from the start. Each game runs at p and 60 frames per second, [4] with the exception of the Halo 2:

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