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History of locks and keys goes back for several thousand years, reaching the very first moments when modern human civilization established their reign and started developing sciences and technologies that enable birth and growth of our modern way of life. Even in those ancient times some years ago, people wanted the ability to safeguard their possessions and store them in places where nobody else can get access to them. For that purpose, engineers, designers and scientist created first examples of locks and keys. Originally created using wood and other easily accessible natural materials, locks and keys offered small manner of protection against theft or intrusion, but they as well as complicated rope knots at least provided clear indicator if someone tampered with the lock.

Antique keys

Have an antique mortise or rim lock missing a skeleton key? Our antique skeleton key selection will open many of these antique locks. Also suitable for ornamental displays, giveaways or pendants. Sign Up For Special Offers. Call Now Toll Free: Skeleton Key and Skeleton Keys in Bulk. Sort by Name. Sort by Price. Featuring a double notched bit, this cast brass reproduction has the potential to operate some antique locks.

Made of heavy cast brass, it's wonderfully ornamental, as well as potentially functional. Item Number: We've found that this pair of differently notched bit keys will typically operate 2 out of 3 antique mortise locks results not guaranteed. Made of zinc, with bright brass plating. Decorative Fob, 5 Key Blanks, and Ring in Antique-by-Hand With an assortment of sizes and solid-brass construction, our skeleton-key set with fob is suited for a variety of uses.

Repurpose for a decorative project, delight wedding and party guests with their own keepsake to take home, or even fashion your own jewelry. Our exclusive Antique-by-Hand finish ages gracefully over time into a beautiful natural patina. For decorative use - not intended to be functional. Wonderfully decorative in its own right, it may operate some vintage locks operability can only be determined by testing.

Hand-finished with our custom antique patina, it also makes a lovely ornament, pendant, or give-away for your event! High Tensile Forged-Brass Bit Key This durable, solid-brass skeleton key features a double-notched bit, and typically operates about 30 percent of interior antique mortise locks. Results are not guaranteed - operability can only be determined by testing.

Choose from an unlacquered brass or polished-nickel finish. High Tensile Forged-Brass Bit Key in Antique-By-Hand This durable skeleton key features a double-notched bit, and typically operates about 30 percent of interior antique mortise locks. Made from solid brass, it comes in our exclusive Antique-By-Hand, a living finish that ages gracefully over time into a beautiful natural patina.

Antique keys are found in antique stores, thrift shops and at garage sales. .. Key Date: 15th century Culture: German Medium: Iron Dimensions: Overall: 3. Antique keys are fairly common, usually preth century collectible metal keys Keys dating back to pre, for example, are a lot more in demand than keys.

Have an antique mortise or rim lock missing a skeleton key? Our antique skeleton key selection will open many of these antique locks. Also suitable for ornamental displays, giveaways or pendants. Sign Up For Special Offers. Call Now Toll Free:

Hi all. I have a pad lock that is the same as the one in the picture.

Keith Dotson Catching Shadows. I found these antique keys in the beautifully historic city of Charleston, one of my favorite places. One of the keys was made in can you see the engraved date?

That time I became a serious collector of skeleton keys

Hello Alan, Can I ask where you get your 'definitive' information from please? Unusual interlaced outer armour. I first thought the crenelated outer plates were added post production but the numbers stamped on top edge go over the outer plate. Can't believe the rough The Gem thread never dies! Definitive answer, six were sold for use in the UK.

Black and white detail photographs of antique keys from Charleston

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. This listing is for a group of 9antique replica skeleton key charms and pendants. You will receive exactly what is pictured not included the wooden box and ruller! All of the keys included in any and every lot we offer are made of zinc alloy! Skip to main content. Loading recommendations for this item Added to Cart. Not Added.

A skeleton key also known in North America as a passkey is a type of master key in which the serrated edge has been removed so that it can open numerous locks, [1] most commonly the warded lock. The term derives from the fact that the key has been reduced to its essential parts.

I like finding skeleton keys! The right key hits the wafers at specific depths and retracts the bolt. Can you show the bottom,key way profile? It could take a great deal of time and imagination to design the wards in the lock to provide any kind of real security in these locks.

Antique keys

It was a Sunday morning in late August, the sun obscured by hazy cloud cover. I touched my hair absently, already frizzed out around my head like a halo from the thick summer humidity. I felt separate from the rush of the crowd; my search was for something very specific. I was quiet and content with what was becoming a weekend ritual. Two middle-aged hippies lounged in camping chairs behind the table, wearing tie-dyed shirts and ponytails halfway down their back. One strummed lazily at the stings of a guitar. The other offered an inquisitive stare. He rummaged around the table, covered with a diverse array of items that appeared to have no rhyme or order. After a few moments, he made a triumphant noise. My disappointment quickly dissolved into delight as I saw that inside were two hollow barrel skeleton keys with ornate bow tops. It hurt volumes more, to lose and regain hope so many times, only to lose him in the end.

Skeleton key

It is generally agreed that the key and lock were invented in ancient Egypt and China simultaneously, in around BC. These ancient keys and locks were usually made from either wood or iron. Keys and locks really took hold during the Roman Empire, however, as geographical conquest brought great riches, which then needed to be protected against theft. Compared to other collectibles, antique keys are fairly easy to get hold of and can often be found in charity and thrift stores, and at car-boot and garage sales, as well as in antique shops, auctions, and on-line. Antique keys are easily identifiable with reference to shape, colour, evidence of tarnishing, and weight.

Antique Door Skeleton Key and Skeleton Keys

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Lock and Key - History of Keys and Locks

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Antique key- any date ideas?

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Collecting skeleton keys is becoming more popular, which is having a twofold affect: As with anything antique, the value of a skeleton key is determined by collector interest, rarity, age and beauty. Skeleton key values, while on the rise, are still low enough to allow even a casual collector into the game. Taylor Antique Keys. But as interest in keys increases, fewer will be on the market, and prices are expected to rise. Prices for most keys are kept down because there are so many of these keys around. Most houses built before the s used skeleton keys for nearly every door.

5 Skeleton Keys That Open ALL Warded Locks!
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