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This single mom quotes collection will help you face the day with that awesome smile and determination that you have. Being a single mother is not an easy task. Actually, single parenthood is one of the toughest jobs in the entire world. It requires a lot of confidence and determination. Single mothers juggle two roles — the role of the father and that of mother — at the same time.

The Single Mom Book List | What every single mom should be reading right now!

It has had over , downloads and is regularly in the top 30 podcasts in iTunes in the Kids and Family category. The Single Mother Survival Guide Podcast includes a mixture of me babbling about single mums business and interviews and discussions with different people and experts about different topics. There is an interview with a Wills and Estate lawyer which contains everything YOU need to know about getting a Will done, an interview with a financial adviser on everyday money management, savings, spending and so forth, an interview with an online security expert so that YOU know how to keep yourself secure online, an open interview with a domestic violence survivor and advocate, and another interview with a financial adviser on everything to do with insurance, and what you should think about getting insured to ensure the financial safety for you and your kids.

There are also chats with parenting experts, family lawyers, life coaches, inspiring women, and other amazing single mothers. If you have enjoyed this podcast, I would love you to rate it or write a review. Contact me here. To contact Julia, email: Listen to the episode here , or search for Single Mother Survival Guide in iTunes, Spotify, or any of the podcast apps.

Lisa Burling went from living a blessed life as a PR professional with an international career and a loving partner to an unemployed single mum with two children under the age of 3, one of whom was fighting for his life as a preemie. In this episode, Lisa shares her story and tells us how the power of a little dream changed her life. She also tells how she shifted her life quickly from one of unexpected trauma and devastating heartbreak to a life she loves, how life changed as a single mum, trying to get a mortgage as a single mum, how she lives her best life, advice for new single mums, and all about her amazing new book — Dream a Little Dream.

This question was addressed in Episode Isabelle stars in Gogglebox 7. This is Part two of a two-part series. In Part 1 episode Isabelle chatted with me about the relationship she had with her ex-husband and how it ended. Her wedding was the fairytale she could only ever imagine. And soon after they had a beautiful little boy. Red flags started showing when her son was quite young. But despite that, and to her surprise, he wanted to stay in the relationship with her.

Isabelle eventually found the strength to ask him to leave because she knew she deserved to be in a mutually loving relationship, not only for herself but also for her son and the relationship she wanted to model for him. Isabelle and I talked about how the relationship evolved and eventually ended, what it was like for her having an unsupportive partner, how she dealt with the break-up, and so much more. Isabelle is such a kind, genuine, beautiful, giving and inspiring woman.

My son is 5 months old, and my partner left when I was 5 months pregnant. Almost a year ago. He sees his son once a month for a couple of hours. I even feel regretful and resentful some days. I love my son, but I just want my partner to come back and share the experience with me. I find motherhood so so lonely, even with the support of my family. Please share some words of wisdom on how on earth you cope, keep smiling and stay so positive. I look at yourself and your daughter as complete inspiration.

Thanks for listening. Spoiler alert: But I know how to snap out of my low moments because of some key strategies I use. And these strategies usually keep me very happy and positive too. She is also dedicated to providing work-from-home opportunities to women through an accessible online educational course that teaches them how to get started as a Virtual Assistant. Sara is one strong woman; she has been through a lot and got out the other side.

She met her ex-husband when he was a single father. What started off as small amounts of regular alcohol consumption for him, over the years, turned into heavy daily drinking. He lost his job and also got the family into huge amounts of debt. Sara was raising their son and his older children, whilst trying to pay for everything and covering mortgage repayments on two houses.

In this episode, Sara shares her single mum story with us. She shares how she got herself out of the situation and started her own business and got life back on track. This is a must listen for anyone who has a dream to work for themselves. Hayley thought her relationship with her husband had been a fairytale. Hayley was very much in love.

Listen to the episode here , or search for Single Mother Survival Guide in iTunes or any of the podcast apps. This is Part 2 of a three-part series with Hayley. This is Part 1 of a three-part series with Hayley. In this episode, Hayley shares the start of her experience with sudden wife abandonment. Lisa Kennedy met her husband when she was 21 years old. It was love at first sight. They got married and built a life, business, and family together in Australia.

He told her he had filed for divorce, he was keeping their son in Turkey with him, and she should go back to Australia. After fighting the case simultaneously through the Turkish and international courts, and getting in touch with politicians, and doing everything she could legally, she was left with no choice. She had to save her son, and escape Turkey back to Australia. With sixty minutes on her side, she attempted the unimaginable.

No Going Back: These questions relate to:. In this solo episode, I chat about the six steps I take each year to create my best year yet. And you know what? It only gets better and better! Recently I got asked this really interesting question… She wrote…. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your podcast and listening each week. I was wondering if you could do a podcast on single mothers who give up primary custody of their children and the reasons as to why they do it?

She has also taught in Masters programs at ACU, UNSW and Newcastle universities in areas including clinical practice, and management and professional ethics, and she routinely presents and publishes work in these areas. Amy Molloy sure knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity and getting through challenging times. As a teenager Amy suffered from anorexia, she became a year-old widow, her second marriage ended in divorce, there is a family history of depression, and her father was paralysed with cancer….

Now, Amy is married to her third husband and she has two beautiful children. Something that really hurt your feelings? Or perhaps you remember very clearly a small negative childhood memory which overpowers lots of positive ones? Tanya Savva is a remarkable woman. She lives a life that is harder than a lot of single mothers, but it is also a very happy and rewarding life. She has sacrificed a lot but something that I felt after speaking with Tanya is the confidence and self-awareness that she exudes.

Tanya knows her purpose. And there is something incredibly empowering about that. Tanya was told that she would never walk or be able to care for herself. She relies on medication in order to survive. Tanya runs retreats and coaches mothers who have children with special needs to help them connect with the essence of their true self — find out more HERE.

In this solo episode, Julia answers some more questions sent in by listeners. Kat has made a significant contribution to the education of young children and is recognized as a thought leader and expert within the field. In this episode, Kat shares her advice for single mums from the perspective of an early learning educator, and also as a fellow single mum. Paisley Park Early Learning Centres. Ashlene Marshall was fast asleep when her husband woke her up and told her he had something to say.

He told her he was done. They had been together for ten years and had a 21 week old and a 2 year old. There were no prior to signs that there was anything wrong in the relationship, or that he was unhappy. Plus so much more. Australia watched with anticipation as she married Alex and their love story continued on for four years after the show.

In November their beautiful daughter Harper Rose was born, and then six months ago, in April , they separated. Blog post: New business details: After living with depression and an eating disorder in her younger years, separating from the father of her children, and suffering from post-natal depression, a passion for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle was fueled which focused on self-love, empowerment and mindfulness. In this episode Lauren shares some of her single mum story and life.

Lauren chats with Julia about how being a single mum brought out positive changes in her life, how she managed with her relationship break-up and PND, getting through the dark days of being a new single mum, challenges of being a single mum, and how her view on herself as a single mum has changed. In this solo episode, Julia answers some of the most common questions sent in by listeners relating to when the ex gets a new partner…. This time, Julia and Isiah talk about sex and pain.

She is the go to expert on sex in Australia. Five behaviors that scream your ex is a Disneyland Dad. Anna Kellerman is passionate about art, kids, sharing and connecting.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of resources for any mom with an internet connection out there. Many times, mom bloggers online will wind up becoming friends IRL, and through these blogs a new community is formed. What have you got to lose? Interested in mom-blogging yourself, or simply looking for more relatable material to add to your bookmarks list?

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It has had over , downloads and is regularly in the top 30 podcasts in iTunes in the Kids and Family category. The Single Mother Survival Guide Podcast includes a mixture of me babbling about single mums business and interviews and discussions with different people and experts about different topics.

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Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world, one that comes with a responsibility like no other job, one that has no fixed timings, and probably one which has no retirement. If you are a single mom, the responsibilities just get doubled up. Managing, home, kids, and the finances all alone needs grit and determination. If you are one of them who is managing all this with elan, hats off to you! You already know what you are worth and how priceless you are, but we want to let you know it just once more.

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Readers are leaders! Whatever your single-mom related questions, issues, joys or challenges are, there is a single mom book for it. In fact, I wrote a book for you, too! Here is my list of vetted titles of books for single mothers, designed for you in whatever state of your journey, in no particular order This is my baby. It is all about my own experience becoming a single mom, the details about how much pain I went though, how I got back on my feet financially, thrived professionally and in my motherhood, and came to enjoy dating, sex and romance. It includes lots of incredible stories from other, kickass single moms, research, and tips from incredible moms and experts. Follow-up to the classic tome, this is a quick-and-dirty guide on tackling every important aspect of your personal finance: Saving, debt, earning and growing your dream career, investing like a pro, budget and credit and, arguably most important:

Pre-configured complete systems for rental or purchase, the perfect solution for any job, large or small.

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