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A vacuum furnace is a type of furnace in which the product in the furnace is surrounded by a vacuum during processing. The absence of air or other gases prevents oxidation, heat loss from the product through convection, and removes a source of contamination. This enables the furnace to heat materials (typically metals

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Ipsen offers a complete line of innovative vacuum furnace equipment and vacuum software technology for a variety of heat treatment applications.

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AMG Engineering, based in Hanau, Germany, is the worldwide market leader in vacuum metallurgy, the technology leader in vacuum heat treatment, and a key supplier of vacuum heat treatment services worldwide. AMG Engineering designs, engineers and produces advanced vacuum furnace systems. The core

Removing Magnesium Buildup in Aluminum-brazing Vacuum

Jun 2, 2015 As mentioned in a previous blog-article, magnesium (Mg), often referred to simply as “mag”, is a highly effective “getter” that is used when vacuum-brazing aluminum. Because Mg is very effective at gettering (reacting with and removing) both oxygen and moisture that may be present in a vacuum-furnace

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Ipsen stands for cutting-edge heat treatment technology and systems. We deliver vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces, pusher-type furnaces and heat-treating equipment.

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High quality products from stainless steel, ceramic or aluminium may only – in accordance with today's technical requirements – be manufactured by brazing under vacuum. For this purpose, Ipsen offers manual, half- and fully-automatic single or multiple chamber furnaces. The advantages of Ipsen's vacuum brazing

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Our vacuum furnace, sintering furnace and brazing furnace are ideal for applications: aerospace, energy, automotive, dies and tools.

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