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Our vacuum heat treatment furnace, Vacuum Technology is the Basis for Process Innovation in Heat Treatment. Heat Treatment is the process in which.

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Vacuum brazing soldering furnace is mainly used for high-speed steel, high alloy tool and die steel, electrical magnetic materials, non-ferrous metals,

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Our independent researched product “RVS Series High Vacuum Positive Sintering Furnace” was awarded by China scientific and technological progress institute and also ranked to the important product list of China. Meanwhile, Our furnace has applied and gained a lot of patent. SIMUWU team is consisted of a lot of

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Vacuum Sintering Furnace. Vacuum sintering, refers to the process that making the powder material into dense material in the condition of the vacuum.People use this process to produce ceramics, powder metallurgy, refractories, ultra-high temperature materials. In general, after forming the powder and by the sintering

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We have vacuum furnace,used in heat treatment,sintering,brazing,annealing,melting,gas quenching,hardening,tempering,debinding,induction and so on.

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