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Physical Specifications. Hot zone size : 200 (W) mm X 200(H) mm x 250 (D) mm. Temperature : 1850 degree C. Pressure : 1.1 bar (A). Ultimate vacuum : 10 -3 m.bar. Hot zone material : Graphite Heater with Graphite Board Insulation. Charge weight : 50-60 Kgs. Process : Sintering

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High-temperature Vacuum Sintering Furnaces. These furnaces are equipped with electrical resistance heating or with inductive heating. They can be used for Sintered silicon nitride and sialon (parts for mechanical applications at high temperatures, e.g. wear parts, motor components etc.) Reaction bonded silicon carbide

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Feb 11, 2013 PDF Furnace Elements. Carbosystem provides a wide variety of parts and refractory and calorific elements, used both in vacuum and sintering furnaces. For sintering furnaces are mainly used two types of technologies: (PM) for powder metallurgical processes, which use support trays and plates in graphite

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The line was build following electrical and safety American standard and it is composed by the following sections: .. AVS Vacuum Debinding/Sintering Furnace. . DESCRIPTION: Horizontal Loading Aluminum Brazing Vacuum Furnace complete with (10) Zones of Control, Stokes 412 Mechanical Vacuum Pump, Stokes

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ulvac s mechanical booster pump evacuation systems include oil rotary vacuum pumps and mechanical booster pumps on compact platforms with connection piping and control panels they can be used for evacuation in production or research facilities

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Key Features and Components of High-Performance Vacuum MIM Sintering Furnaces By Jerald Higher power densities in modern car engines, power trains or mechanical machineries require the miniaturization of mechanical systems that offer large potential for innovative and cost-efficient production technologies.

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